Please take some time to fill out this form. This will allow the event to go off without a hitch and allows us to keep things organized and moving throughout the night.

Below is just a suggested outline of events, but we can cater to your outline of how you would like the night to go. If you have a specific outline/timeline, please be sure to attach that to this form. Once we get all the information and get things organized we will send a timeline for your approval within 1 month of the event date. We know sometimes the photographer can take a little longer than usual or certain things can happen to delay your arrival, so times will be approximate.


Will you be serving a BUFFET or FORMAL DINNER?


Usually during a buffet, the guests will eat upon arrival while waiting for the wedding party. If a formal dinner is served, usually dinner is served after introductions. However, we can build a timeline based on your preferences. 



My*July Band can emcee/DJ the nights events for you at no additional cost and we can cater our breaks around a timeline so there’s no delay in the nights activities. This way you don’t have to hire a DJ.


Would you like for the band to emcee the reception? YES or NO


If NO: Contact information for the DJ


Name: _____________________ Phone or Email: ____________________


Having the contact information for your DJ is imperative so we can coordinate our set lists so we do not have repeated songs and also so we can organize event festivities and break times.



 The bands performance time starts when you arrive to the reception hall.


2) Arrival of Wedding Party/Grand Entrance Introduction List: (5 minutes)

 Please note, if a name is hard to pronounce, please be sure to sound out the names for us here. If you have hired a DJ, please don’t feel obligated to fill out this portion of the form since the DJ will be making the introductions.


Grandparents of the Bride:    ______________________________________________________________


Grandparents of the Groom:  ______________________________________________________________


Brides Parents:            ______________________________________________________________


Grooms Parents:         ______________________________________________________________


Maid or Matron of Honor (circle one) and Best Man:

 ______________________ & ______________________


Bridesmaids being escorted by Groomsman:

 ______________________ & ______________________

 ______________________ & ______________________

 ______________________ & ______________________

 ______________________ & ______________________


Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

 ______________________ & ______________________


 Bride & Groom, presented as: _____________________________________


Other special mentions you’d like for us to include (some parties like to recognize loved ones who have departed): ________________________________________________________________________


3) FIRST DANCE: On Arrival or After Dinner (circle one)

 Song Title: _____________________ Artist: _________________



 If you wish for someone to give a welcome speech or bless the food, please list name here:


Name: ______________________________ Relationship to bride/groom _________________________


5) DINNER and SPEECHES (30 Minutes)

 If the band is DJing for you, we will play the iPod at a subdued volume with light music during dinner. We will also leave a wireless microphone at the head table so your best man, matron/maid of honor or anyone else can make speeches. If we are not DJing for you, the person you hired will have his or her own agenda during dinner service.




a) LIVE MUSIC - Special dances to take place in the middle of the set

 After dinner, the band or the DJ will increase the volume gradually and put on two dance songs to allow people get into party mode. After those two songs have played, the band will begin to play live. After 30 minutes, we will begin the father/daughter and mother/son dances by either playing them live or via the ipod (if your DJ is playing those songs, he or she will do so at that time). After those dances, the band will continue to play the remainder of the hour (about 20 minutes) and then take a 20 minute break. During the bands break, we will put on dance music or your DJ will take over for the cake cutting. Either way, the party will continue.


b) SPECIAL DANCES: (10 minutes)

 Father/Daughter Dance:         leave blank if you do not wish to skip these festivities.


Song Title: _____________________ Artist: _________________


Do you want the band to play this live? YES or NO


If yes, submit the song to us at least 90 days before event.


If no, the band will play this on the iPod or your DJ will play it if you hired one.



Mother/Son Dance:    leave blank if you do not wish to have a Mother/Son dance.           


Song Title: _____________________ Artist: _________________


Do you want the band to play this live? YES or NO


If yes, submit the song to us at least 90 days before event.


If no, the band will play this on the iPod or your DJ will play it if you hired one.



 During the bands break, this is where you will do your cake cutting and champagne toast. We will put some mid-paced songs on the iPod so your guests can continue dancing or sit down to rest and eat cake. If you hired a DJ, they will emcee that event and handle the music. We will leave a wireless microphone by the cake for any special toasts.




Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss to take place in this set (10 minutes)

 The band will play for 50 minutes and then will start the extracurricular activities like the bouquet and garter toss and any other activities you have planned. Your DJ will take over for those events. If you did not hire a DJ, we will do so.


Bouquet Toss: YES or NO (we suggest Single Ladies by Beyoncé on the iPod)

 Different song request: _________________________________


Garter Toss: YES or NO (we suggest “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker on the iPod)

 Different song request: _________________________________


Other Special Presentations Planned?



After these events, the band will take their second and final 20 minute break. Your DJ will continue the party or we will continue party music on the iPod.




The band will play their last set here followed by your grand exit if you are making one.