How much do you charge for an event?

Our rates depend on several factors, i.e. distance needed to travel, performance time, etc. Feel free to contact us >>here<<.


How many are in your band?

5 musicians. We typically do not bring a sound person unless absolutely needed.


What is your band's usual attire?
MY JULY dresses accordingly for each occasion. For a more formal occasion (such as a wedding) the men wear black
button down shirts and slacks with a solid color tie and the female wears a black dress or slacks with a sequined top.
However, we can dress more casually for other events or themed parties.


Do you play Private Events and Weddings?

Yes, we love to!


What are your song selections?

We are always changing and adding new songs. The most current can be found >>here<<.


What do you play when the band is on a break?

We load our digital player up with a ton of dance hits that will keep your guests entertained.


How much time do you usually need for setup?

Approximately 2 hours. We like to be set up, sound checked and ready to go at least 30 minutes prior to any guest arrival for private events.


How much space do you need to set up?

We prefer a 12x16 stage to accommodate the band and gear. For outdoor performances, we will not perform in rain or temperatures below 55. The stage should be level and not directly on the grass in case of unexpected showers. Outdoor stages must be covered.


Do you require your clients to provide your meal and drinks?

Yes. The client should arrange for the band to have access to the same food/bar/cooler, etc. service as the guests.


What is your policy on taking breaks?
The band will play continuously during the reception and will cater our breaks around the reception agenda. Typically,
the band will play until the hot entree is served and after the cake cutting and garter/bouquet toss. If there is no agenda,
MY JULY takes two 25-30 minute breaks during a 4 hour performance.


What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?

We use 8 hi-tech LED stage lights fully programed and coordinated with the music via lighting controls. We also have LED multi-colored laser dot lighting for the dance floor area.


Do you take requests?

If we know the song, we’ll play it! Just be sure to make your requests during our breaks to not interrupt the performance.


Do you emcee the events?

Yes! We even customize a questionnaire for our clients to fill out as the event draws closer.

See a sample of our wedding questionnaire >>here<<.


What is the required deposit to secure your services?

We just need a signed contract (electronic is fine) to book the date. Local events we do not require a deposit.

See a sample of our performance agreement & contract >>here<<.


When is payment due?

We appreciate payment at the time of our arrival or as soon as the client arrives on scene.