How many are in your band?

5 souls on board the train to Funky Town.


Do you all play just local bars/venues or do you also play events?

We do not discriminate. If you'll have us, we'll play!


How much do you charge?

I promise...we're totally affordable. Contact us >>here<<.


What are your song selections?

We are always changing and adding new songs. The most current can be found >>here<<.


Do you play music on your system when the band is on a break?

We play a selection of dance songs to keep you moving while we're on a short break.


Do you take requests?

Sure! If we know it, we'll play it!


How much time do you usually need for setup?

Approximately an hour.


How much space do you need to set up?

As long as you can fit 5 of us we'll make it work. For corporate type events, we do prefer a somewhat elevated stage rather than set up directly on the floor - but we can make it work if your venue does not offer a stage.


Will you play outdoors?

Sure! All we ask is to please provide adequate shade/cover for the band. This will protect us from overheat from sun exposure and protect our gear in the event of a surprise shower.



Do you require your wedding or event clients to provide your meal and drinks?

For private events, yes please. For local bars and venues, it's appreciated...but understood if not included.


What is your policy on taking breaks?
We take two 25-30 minute breaks in a 4 hour performance.


What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?

We use 8 hi-tech LED stage lights fully programed and coordinated with the music via lighting controls. We also have LED multi-colored laser dot lighting for the dance floor area.


Do you emcee the events?

Yes! We even customize a questionnaire for our clients to fill out as the event draws closer.

See a sample of our wedding questionnaire >>here<<.


Do you require a contract and do you take checks?

Local bars and venues, we just need a verbal agreement/text/conversation in order to book a date. Payments are to be made in cash at local venues. If it is your policy to write a check, we will gladly accept them. No personal checks are accepted.


For private events, we need a signed contract (electronic is fine) to book the date.

See a sample of our performance agreement & contract >>here<<.