Performance Agreement & Contract (Sample)



My July Band

Contact Info: (615) 708-0944




THIS AGREEMENT in entered into this _____ day of ________, by and between the Performance Group (“ARTIST”) AND Buyer (“CLIENT”).


IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises set forth herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the CLIENT herby engages ARTIST to provide a performance upon the following terms:


Date of Performance:       ________________________________________  

Event Type:                          ________________________________________

Event Venue:                       ________________________________________

Event Address:                    ________________________________________

                       City:   _________________________ State:           _____


Performance Time:            Start: _____ End:  _____ 

Breaks:                                  Artist shall have _____ break(s), averaging _____ minutes each.


PERFORMANCE FEE: Client shall pay a performance fee of __________, paid immediately upon arrival to event venue.


Performance will be INSIDE or OUTSIDE.



 Contract Rider


This rider is attached to the contract between ____________________________ (“CLIENT”) and My July Band (“ARTIST”).

EQUIPMENT:  ARTIST will provide the sound system and lighting.

SET UP:  Stage area will be accessible to the ARTIST’S crew at least two (2) hours prior to arrival of guests.

STAGE CONSTRUCTION: CLIENT will provide a stage or area preferably of the following dimensions: 12’ deep x 16’ wide (6 standard 4x8 stage panels). The stage must be constructed before the ARTIST arrival. Stage must be a sturdy construction and will support musical and dance performances safely. ARTIST will not perform directly on the grass/dirt.


ELECTRIC:  ARTIST requires 2 dedicated 20 AMP circuits within 15 feet of stage. If the performance is outside, the ARTIST requires 2 power generators.


DRESSING ROOM/BREAK ROOM:  CLIENT will ensure ARTIST has access to a restroom or changing room within reasonable distance to/from the performance area. In addition, CLIENT will ensure the ARTIST will have a table and 5 chairs where the ARTIST can eat and rest at during breaks.


FORMAL ATTIRE EVENTS: If your event is a black tie/formal event, the men in the band will wear black long sleeve button up dress shirts, black dress pants and black dress shoes. The female will wear black slacks with black sequin top with black shoes.


FOOD/BEVERAGE: CLIENT will provide a meal to each of the 5 members in the band + 1 sound/light engineer. CLIENT will arrange for ARTIST to use the same beverage and food service as the guests (buffet, bars, coolers, etc.).


PARKING: If applicable, CLIENT will arrange free parking to ARTIST within close proximity of event.


OUTSIDE EVENTS: In addition to the terms above, ARTIST can perform outside.

ARTIST will not perform in rain or the looming threat of rain.

ARTIST will not perform in temperatures below 55 degrees or above 110 degrees (real feel) Fahrenheit.

ARTIST requires a dry, level stage (not directly on grass/dirt) and access to 2 dedicated 20 AMP circuits within at least 15 feet of stage or CLIENT will supply 2 power generators.

It is the CLIENTS responsibility to provide ARTIST with adequate protection from the elements (inclement weather, direct sunlight, heat, cold, etc.). A roofed structure that spans at least 10 feet between the band and edge of the stage, or a tent with sides is considered adequate. If your event has a threat of cold or dangerously high temps, please have adequate heaters for the cold and fans/coolers in heat available for the ARTIST.

In case of inclement weather after the start of the event, ARTIST will not move and set up in an alternate location. If ARTIST is directed to set up outside without adequate protection and it does rain or temperatures are unbearable, ARTIST reserves the right to cancel performance for the duration of the event and full payment will still be due to ARTIST. Further, CLIENT will be responsible for any damage to ARTISTS equipment.





Payments can be made by cash or money order/cashiers check to ARTIST upon arrival to the venue. Money Orders/Cashiers Checks can be made payable to Barbara Horsley. If an invoice is necessary, the CLIENT will notify ARTIST at least one week in advance.



The band can be your master of ceremonies, just be sure to fill out the enclosed questionnaire. The band will send a proposed timeline if you do not already have one in place.



During breaks, music will continue via iPod unless otherwise specified (i.e. CLIENT has hired a DJ in addition, etc.).


CLIENT is liable for any and all damages to ARTIST’S equipment if damaged during the event. Although this is not typical since most event spaces have their own liability insurance, CLIENT can purchase extra liability insurance for the artist.


ARTIST obligations are subject to detention or prevention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, acts of GOD, riot strikes, any act of public authority, labor difficulties, of any cause beyond the ARTIST’s control. In such case, there shall be no claim of damages by either party to this contract, and any deposits will be refunded in full. In the event of band member sickness, if a suitable substitution can be made, the performance will continue as scheduled.




CLIENT SIGNATURE                                                                                                 DATE                        



ARTIST REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE                                                            DATE                        


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